Woo-hoo! ​For whatever reason, you've superhero landed (on bended knee of course) smack bang into my website.
Thump! First off, 
I'm super chuffed you're hereWelcome!

Next up, if you click refresh, ​you will see more examples of my work (on most pages).
I've been working 
my arse off for a number of years, and it's super hard to narrow down which drawings to share - so I just went all out.

Lastly, feel free to look around and learn a bit about some of the things I've been up to, but in a nutshell,
I'm an 
Australian fine artist represented by The Rebecca Hossack Gallery London/New York, 
I have a B.A Graphic Design (RMIT), I love to 
illustrate and occasionally dabble in writing.